Legislative Service Commission analysis proves what we've known for years. Vouchers are about using your tax dollars to publicly subsidize adults who…

February 2023

Data shows expansion makes problem worse, not better

December 2022

And cherry picks, uses straw men and other predictable things to prove their opposition's points

October 2022

Pro-School privatizers use patina of "research" to cherry pick data in sophisticated effort to claim Charter School success where little exists

September 2022

Suggests that further away from public education voucher students get, worse they do
Dayton is the lowest performing major urban district. Yet 2 out of 3 Ohio charter schools are less prepared than Dayton students.
Hint: They could be really, really, really expensive. Like $6.35 billion expensive.
Ohio's school districts' improvement far outstrips Ohio's Charter Schools -- 1 in 4 of which are performing 20% worse than they did pre-COVID. Only 2 of…
Looks like public schools know what they're doing. I know. Stunning.

August 2022

Fordham cynically attacks me for advocating the state follow the Constitution. What else is new.
There aren't enough open seats to fund the Universal Voucher Bill, which means the plan has to fund kids who were never in public schools
Fordham Institute cherry picks performance data that isn't as rosy as it claims, then wants to impart that data to benefit ALL charters with $150…